How Hard is Terranova Really???

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Last week, Will Bosi, the boulder-crushing Scotsman, found himself facing what might just be his greatest bouldering problem to this day.

Terranova, a route established by Adam Ondra in 2011, is a 17-move boulder problem with a V16 grade, but which no one has managed to repeat and thus confirm the difficulty. It took Adam twelve days over two seasons to successfully send the boulder.

Located at the Holstejn crag in the Moravsky Kras area of the Czech Republic, Terranova has seen a couple of attempts from other world-class climbers. Last year during a trip to the area, Czech climber Jana Švecová,  managed to complete all the moves in isolation in just two days, although unfortunately was unable to link them.

According to Adam in 2011, found on PlanetMountain, the boulder is not about the beauty of the climb but more about its difficulty. Terranova is an exposed line, and contrary to the custom of ascending a wall,  it is actually a traverse on a lower section of the wall.

Although Bosi made a trip in 2022, on his latest trip, he felt almost like a first-timer having managed to only do two out of the twelve moves previously.

Even with additional confidence from his successful Burden of Dreams (V17) send, the problem didn’t give in. After three days of projecting, he managed to do all of the moves in isolation and even make a few links through what he described as “some of the worst pinches” he’s ever used.

On his YouTube vlog, Will said that he would give it one more try before he can truly express an opinion about the grade, but Terranova feels like it could be harder than a V16.

With Jana and Will working on this boulder, we would be delighted to see a new repeat!

Featured image: Photo @tcpc5525/@will_bosi

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