Tina J Hafsaas ticks Pure Imagination 8c+ in Red River Gorge

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After spending a few weeks in Red River Gorge, Kentucky, Tina Johnsen Hafsaas climbed her hardest line to date, Pure Imagination (8c+). 

The Norwegian climber spent over a week in Red River Gorge, projecting the route and analyzing the details of the line. As she stated in her Instagram post, climbing Pure Imagination came down to the details.

Known as The Honeycomb Project, the route was first ascended by Jonathan Siegrist in 2010. Originally rated as a 9a, after being onsighted by Adam Ondra in 2012, Pure Imagination received its 8c+ grade, which still stands. During the same sending spree, Adam also onsighted Golden Ticket (8c+) which he considered even harder than Pure.

The line is described as a 24-meter overhanding wall that features a 7c start, which leads to a 7C boulder problem finishing with a long dyno to a jug. This section is followed by a series of crimps, which lead to a crux riddled with tough crimps and pockets.

In order to get ready for this trip, Tina trained in the gym with crimpy circuits on the spray wall and did a few climbs outdoors in order to prepare her skin for the shred that awaited in Red River Gorge.

She described her process as linear but slow due to the sharp holds, which kept her from climbing too much in her projecting sessions. Her strategy to send it was to attempt the full climb after she got past the boulder problem. 

After figuring out the micro-beta and getting proper rest, all that Tina needed was a good day to send and it happened just so. It was such a good day that after successfully climbing Pure, she went and redpointed Omaha Beach (8b+) right after.

Hafsaas spent her last fifteen years competing on the IFSC circuit. Her last achievement was 58th place at the IFSC World Championships in Bern this August. Her plan for 2024 is to focus on exploring her limits by climbing outside. With a couple of trips already planned to boulders and sport spots around the world, it’s clear that we’ll be hearing more from Tina next year.

Featured image: @tinajhasaas/@etteloc

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